About Gerald Self

Gerald Self: Master Harpsichord BuilderGerald Self built his first harpsichord in 1972, an early 5’ Zuckermann “basic kit” while he was a college student. This began his long association with David Way and Zuckermann harpsichords.

He served as an Agent for ZHI for almost 30 years, during which time he finished off over 70 ZHI instruments, helped many amateurs build their own instruments, and supplied harpsichords for hundreds of concerts throughout the Southwest.

Over the years Gerald Self has worked with both ZHI kit parts and with materials made especially for him by David Way. With every instrument he completed, he tried to reach as high a standard of both tonal and visual finishing as possible. He has spent time in Stonington with David Way, and he has made five trips to Europe to study original instruments.

 Gerald Self has supplied harpsichords for the use of many of the world’s finest performing artists and instrumental ensembles, and his instruments are owned by churches, colleges, universities, and performing groups across the Southwest USA. Gerald Self is currently an Associate of Marc Ducornet and The Paris Workshop. He can supply any of the Paris Workshop kits, and he has a display of finished instruments in his San Antonio showroom. He can also deliver any instrument from the Atelier Marc Ducornet catalogue, custom-built in Paris to your specifications.

The range of instruments offered by The Paris Workshop and Gerald Self are the result of 40 years experience and research, initiated by Wolfgang Zuckermann, developed by David Jacques Way, and now continued by Marc Ducornet and Emmanuel Danset in Paris. Their in-depth study of original instruments in museums around the world ensures excellent tonal response in each model.

In addition to his harpsichord work, Mr. Self teaches recorder, performs with choirs specializing in early music, and for the past 16 years has produced a weekly hour-long early-music radio program for Texas Public Radio. He hosts Musica Antiqua, 9-10 p.m. Wednesdays on Texas Public Radio.  In his radio program, Gerald Self explores the very best in early classical music and details the history of the music and discusses the rare instruments on which the music is played.